Lee Fehler began the first of his 28 years as a resident of Steinbach. Lee spent his early years going through the school system in Steinbach at Woodlawn followed by the junior and senior high schools in the city. Currently, he is enrolled as third year political science student at the University of Winnipeg. A candidate for Steinbach City Council in the fall of 2010, Lee once again channeled his passion for his community and entered the 2010 provincial elections for the Liberals. Lee has assisted with the approval of liquor licenses for Steinbach in the 2011 referendum and has worked closely with community partners to address issues including crime and addiction prevention, urban planning, gender equality, and the promotion of education. He has advocated for and consulted with community groups and vigorously defended the benefits of the library.

Lee is now running in the UWSA elections and is looking forward to representing and working on issues such as these for the UWSA as Community Liaison. Though he ran asĀ  a Liberal he has worked with political parties and partners of all the various colours and has proven to perform in a non-partisan fashion.

“Listening to you, speaking for you”

Vote for Lee, March 12-15

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