Campaign is building up steam!

Campaign is building up steam! There is more room on the Vote Fehler wagon as well!

Plenty of good words in local media and positive response to some of the planks of the platform. Grant Burr of The Carillon has gone so far as to address my campaign saying of myself that “Lee Fehler has been the strongest alternative to Kelvin Goertzen” here in Steinbach.

We have lots to offer local residents in terms of slashing the payroll tax to promote business, something that neither the NDP or PCs have done in their time in office. Increasing day care spaces, restore the quality of our post-secondary education institutes. The University of Manitoba has consistently been ranked in the bottom of its pool in terms of doctoral schools. This is so important that we invest to keep our grad students here in Manitoba so as not to have a “brain drain” of our brightest and most dedicated to other provinces.

On October 4th Vote Fehler, vote for the Liberals and lets create a safer more prosperous Manitoba together!