The highs and lows of the provincial campaign

We are less than a week away from election day on Tuesday, October the 4th. I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about some of the highs and the lows of the campaign thus far.

Today on Wednesday I again had the opportunity to speak to an elementary class about politics, this time I spoke with the grade 4 classes at Elmdale Elementary School in Steinbach. (Earlier had spoken to all three grade six classes at Woodlawn Elementary School in Steinbach). The grade fours were certainly more excited to see a real life politician (though I do not know if I consider myself a real politician just yet, though I suppose you could say that). I enjoyed talking to them about some of the day to day goings of a politician but they were also very interested in some lighter topics such as “what is your favourite burger?”. This made it all very entertaining, though I think as we got off topic toward the end it may have hurt the education factor for the teachers. That being said both these school visits were extremely rewarding and I hope these young kids can be the next generation to go and talk to some of the future political leaders of our community.

One of the downs of the campaign certainly has to be the lack of participation from the NDP here in Steinbach. They seem to be concerned with close ridings like Dawson Trail more than anything, utterly oblivious to anything that is going on here in Steinbach. While I am sure that Dally Gutierrez is a great person she has stymied any attempts at democracy here, including squelching of the debates. This not only hurts candidates such as myself who depend on these mediums to get our message out, but it hurts the voters here in Steinbach as well as they have less of a channel to question candidates on some of the top issues of the day.

Overall it has been quite a fun campaign, if not a little busy and stressful. I encourage voters to get out and go to the advancing vote polls at the Steinbach 55+ building and in south Clearspring Mall as they are open from 8am-8pm. I am told the advance polls here in Steinbach are the busiest in the province and it would be great to keep it that way. Once again lets get out there are vote, I realise that it may seem a mountain to climb in terms of votes, but everything counts, and it is all about building not only for 2011 but also to build into a legitimate campaign in 2015. So on that note I hope I can count on you to vote, so get to those polling booths!