Today is E-Day (election day) and what a beautiful day we have compared to the municipal election last October. Voter turnout at advance polls is double what it was in 2007 and Steinbach has been one of the busiest polling ridings, at least as far as last week.

If you have not gone out to vote I encourage you to get out and exercise your democratic right, because quite simply, democracy depends on it. Voting booths are open across the province and in Steinbach itself you can go to the 55+ Centre to cast your vote. If you are unsure of where to vote you can also check by community or postal code at electionsmanitoba.ca
Live results should also be available at that site tonight as well.

In other news I will be broadcasting live on 96.7 and 1250 AM tonight as part of their broadcast report on the election. Be sure to tune in. The stream will also be available on the internet so check it out at http://www.steinbachonline.com/live_video_streaming/itemid_584

Aside from that I hope its a wonderful day with good news for Liberals here in Manitoba. We have four seats to really keeping on including Dr. Jon Gerrards in River Heights, Roldan Sevillano Jr. in Tyndall Park, Paul Hesse in Fort Rouge, and Twyla Motkaluk in Burrows. The other close seats would be in The Maples where Pablito Sarinas is close as well as in St. Norbert where Marcel Laurendeau has a great shot as well.

Regardless today will prove to be an exciting night and I thank everyone including my family for their support during these last few weeks. I think elections are hardest on family most of all as it is difficult to hear certain things said, or when support does not always come as it should. As well thanks to all the friends new and old who have helped on the campaign, I could not have done it without you!

So with that, happy voting day!