Lee has been a lifelong resident of Steinbach for 28 years, he graduated from the SRSS in 2004. Currently he is enrolled as a Political Science student at the University of Winnipeg. Lee is an avid cyclist and can be found biking among the roads in Steinbach, Hanover, and across the province. He is also an avid sports enthusiast and can be found playing in several of the recreational slow pitch and flag football leagues in Steinbach.

Lee recently ran as a candidate in the 2010 Manitoba Municipal election where he attempted to win a seat on Steinbach City Council. Lee has been an advocate for proactive leadership on crime and addictions prevention and other urban issues connected with the city’s high rate of growth. He has also strongly advocated for guidance on the rapid growth in the Steinbach and Hanover area. He also advocates for strong guidance on urban planning to reduce sprawl and limit the financial burden that unorganized growth can place on the tax payer. Lee fights for these urban issues with a belief that an increase in infrastructure payments and replacement makes it extremely difficult for municipalities to continue to supply strong quality social services, an issue that in the 2010 campaign manifested itself in the library expansion. He was also an advocate for the downtown business area in order to maintain a safe and vibrant urban core.

Going into the 2011 provincial election Lee will continue to funnel his passion for his community and for these issues into the campaign. He is a strong believer that government should be about reducing problems not the cause of them.